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“Don’t give me the new guy” I said this many years ago when Paul started doing inspections when my local and favorite inspection company started hiring. Shortly after saying that I was in a pinch and Paul was available to help. He showed up promptly and did a thorough job and delivered a detailed report quickly. He was available to help with questions from my clients at all hours and quickly became my go-to guy. His promptness and attention to detail had become a true asset to my Real estate business and a valuable resource for my buyers during their purchases. I would highly recommend his service and wish he would come back to Maine where we miss him terribly.

Casey G

Real Estate Agent

“You cannot find a better team/company! I have worked with Paul T. and Focused Property Inspections for many years… the depth of knowledge, professionalism, honesty, and business process’ not only makes my job as an agent easier, but they make me more marketable! At the onset of a purchase, when talking about inspections with my clients, and what to look for. I explain to my clients that FPI does not just hire “anyone”. They look for the right person and personality. They have to have depth of knowledge in the field, but just as important are the soft skills… the ability to talk a client through a [potential] issue without raising alarm. Once hired, that individual does not just jump in with both feet, taking on their own inspections… they have to go through a rigorous training, and ride along with an existing, seasoned, inspector for months before they are out on their own. 

Although ALL of the inspectors are great, Paul T. has been my “go-to” inspector for years. We work together as a team, he is quick to respond, and is a thoughtful and effective communicator. His attention to detail is fantastic… even when you think he did not see something, I guarantee you… he has already noted it on his report. Paul brings knowledge, know-how, and lots of experience… oh, and a great sense of humor! Paul is a pleasure to work with. 

In the end, clients are always impressed with the level of detail provided from their inspection. Each report provides them with the necessary information on the condition of the property, which allows them to make fully informed and focused decisions. In short, money well spent!” 

Jessica G 

Real Estate Agent 

“Since I began my real estate career, I have worked with Paul and FPI on more occasions than I can count. Paul is one of the kindest, most patient and professional inspectors I have ever dealt with. He explains each step to the client, and while full of intense information, makes the process enjoyable and educational. I recommend him to anyone I encounter that needs a home inspection!” 

Kimberly C 

Real Estate Agent 

“I have worked with Paul and FPI for nearly all of my real estate carrier and I could not be happier with their service. All of the inspectors at FPI are very well educated on all aspects of the inspection process and are able to clearly and concisely translate the information to our clients. I would be remiss if I did not state that I learn something new each time I have them do an inspection for me and my real estate clients. They keep up-to-date on the current codes, requirements, and expectations of municipalities and the State. Additionally, their customer service is fantastic, they are prompt with setting up appointments and answering questions. 6 out of 5 stars!” 

Tristan S 

Real Estate Agent

“Focused Property Inspections and Paul Tittsworth have served as a great resource to both my clients, and my business for the better part of a decade. Their depth of knowledge is only matched by their commitment to client satisfaction. Their ability to produce solid reporting, in a timely manner, allows the client to meet important deadlines ahead of schedule.” 

Brett K 

Real Estate Agent