“During my 20+ years as a Real Estate Agent, I have encountered many home inspectors and home inspection companies, but none of them as dedicated and thorough as the inspectors at Focused Property Inspections.

I am always comfortable referring my clients to Focused Property Inspections, knowing they will receive prompt, professional service and a very thorough, top to bottom, inside and out property inspection by a well qualified and educated inspector who understand that this “property” they are inspecting is a major investment to the clients. They truly care about the client they are working for.”

— Rusty M.
Real Estate Agent

“Hiring a building inspector is an important decision in the house buying process!  You want to hire one company who can take care of all the items on your inspection check list and that is what you find with Focused Property Inspections. Darryl Chandler of Focused Properly Inspections has been inspecting houses for my buyers for 10+ years and my clients have always found him to be thorough, knowledgeable and informative. He takes the time to answer questions that come up during the inspection so that any concerns that my buyers have can be addressed immediately. I recommend Focus Property Inspections to all my buyers!”

— Carol F.
Real Estate Agent

“First and foremost we Kyle and I wanted to thank Paul for being so thorough and meticulous in his inspection of the home we intend on purchasing. It game me a sense of great pride to know the current homeowners complained he was too thorough! We agree he is very good at what he does! Not only did his work and knowledge exceed our expectations but his personality really made him a pleasure to work with! I hope his company appreciates what a great asset they have in him!

— Jennifer and Kyle
Home Buyers

“Early in my real estate career I was lucky enough to be introduced to Daryl Chandler and Andy Nightingale of Focused Property Inspections. In the eight years since, they have become my preferred inspectors. Recommendations to my real estate clients are of utmost importance in protecting their interests in our transactions. I know that I can count on Darryl or Andy to do a comprehensive inspection followed by an easy-to-understand report that will help my buyer clients prioritize issues and make a good decision about the property they intend to buy. Both Darryl and Andy are affable, friendly, and professional in their approach to  my clients, explaining everything as they go. This is important to me. I have also recommended them to sellers who are putting their house on the market and want to be proactive in discovering issues that may come up later with buyers. I have even used both of them on two of my own properties. In Maine, home inspectors are not licensed so it is especially important to vet them carefully. Their NACHI Certification was important to me. I also liked the fact that they are “one-stop” shopping. My clients don’t have to hire separate septic system inspector, or a separate person to draw samples for the lab. Darryl and Andy do it all and they are great. I highly recommend them.”

— Diane W.
Real Estate Broker