Buying a Home is probably the biggest purchase you will ever make, so it is important to know if that Home is the Home of your Dreams or the Lemon with a problematic Heating System, Faulty Roof, or even a Cracked Foundation. Over 80% of homes purchased do a home inspection (1). Having all information can reduce stress and allows for future Maintenance plans.

What can you expect from an FPI Inspector. Every inspector has a comprehensive, in depth knowledge of the facets of property inspections,  whether it’s your dream home or your next business capital investment.

You can expect your Focused Property inspector to be Professional, Knowledgeable, Honest, Unbiased, Confidential and Trustworthy in all aspects of your property inspection, whether it’s a Home or Commercial property inspection. Call us today to schedule your property inspection or to receive a quote. Find out what makes us the most Trusted Source for Property Inspections.

Residential Services:

Focused Property Inspections Provides the following services for Home inspections but not exclusive:

  • Home buyers pre-closing Inspections  –  sometimes referred to as a “General Inspection”
  • Home sellers pre-listing Inspections – a “General Inspection” to give potential buyers a list of maintenance items to address.
  • New Construction phase/draw Inspections “Quality Assurance checks to allow for release of the next phase of funding”  Generally provided for home owners or construction lenders
  • New home builders warranty inspections. Most brand new home builders provide homeowners with a 12 month builder’s warranty.  An inspection done prior to expiration of the warranty provides the home owner with assurance on the quality of the construction or a professionally prepared report to go over with the builder.
  • Employee relocations home inspection – when time is critical, relocation specialist will order a home inspection to determine the needs for repair and maintenance.

We encourage your presence on the inspection so that we can review the highlights of the Inspection.

All inspections include an in depth view but are not exclusive to:

The Structure, Walls, Ceilings, Floors, Roofs, Exterior Structure, Heating Systems, Electrical Systems, Water Treatment, & Plumbing.

Every inspection comes with an easy to read professional inspection report detailing our findings and recommendations. Digital photographs which are included with the reports and allow for documentation of any noteworthy findings.

Being a national company we understand the importance of being responsible and accurate, therefore you can rest assured we are fully insured for Error & Omissions, General Liability and Real Estate Agent/Broker Referral Indemnity.

1) 2001, NAR and ASHI; home inspections Survey