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Founded by property inspectors with years of experience who have performed thousands of residential and commercial property inspections. Focused Property Inspections has become one of the most respected names in the property inspection industry in the Portland, Maine area. Our inspectors preform thousands of property inspection services each year.

Positioning Statement:
For the rapidly growing and expanding real estate market, Focused Property Inspections provides consistent high quality inspection services.

Mission Statement:
To be the leading property inspection company in each market where we choose to compete. Our fundamental purpose is to provide products and services of such quality that our clients receive superior value.

Our Service Philosophy:

The client is always #1. All inspectors, contractors and employees, no matter what their position, should be able to handle clients’ needs. The importance and value of client services at Focused Property Inspections cannot be over emphasized. Everything should be done with the notion of client service in mind.




Inspection Services

FPI’s diversified inspection services make it more than just a home buyer’s inspection company. FPI has performed inspections for a variety of clients including employee relocation companies, lenders, insurance companies and commercial property investors. FPI professionals cover services customers want and are trained to perform a thorough, visual assessment on…

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Find An Inspector

Buying a Home is probably the biggest purchase you will ever make, so it is important to know if that Home is the Home of your Dreams or the Lemon with a problematic Heating System, Faulty Roof, or even a Cracked Foundation. Over 80% of homes purchased do a home…

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The Biggest Home Inspection Mistakes to Avoid

Avoid Making One of These Home Inspection Mistakes What are the most significant home inspection mistakes that a buyer can make? If you have never bought a house before the chances of doing something that could cause some problems is reasonably high. The home inspection is one of those areas…

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