Sewer Line Camera Inspection

Getting a sewer line camera inspection should be a mandatory part of your home Inspection checklist if your property is on city/town sewer. There is no such thing as a typical cost of a sewer line repair. It could be a few hundred dollars to snake out a blockage or tens of thousands of dollars to excavate your yard and replace pipes. The repair bill depends on the sewer line condition. This could all be prevented if a sewer line camera inspection is part of your checklist.

Some of the most common causes of sewer line backup is:

-Aging sewer systems

-Tree Roots

-and/or a Sanitary main blockage.

The Civil Engineering Research Foundation indicates that the rate of sewer backup incidents is increasing at a rate of 3 percent a year. *(Insurance Information Institute, “Insure against the risk of sewer Back-Up) Accessed 2.29.2020.

Evaluating the condition of your sewer line is a critical part of your home buying and selling process. If the sewer line has breaks, cracks or blockages, there could be substantial cost associated with this.

Why a Sewer Line Camera Inspection? The cost associated with repairs  could be potentially a large burden to the potential new home owner. We strongly suggest those who are purchasing or selling a home includes this with their inspections. A blocked or damaged sewer line could lead to safety hazards with waste, and cause damage to the home. We provide a comprehensive Sewer Line Camera Inspection, that will give you the status of the condition of your Sewer Line.

Four simple ways to schedule your Sewer Line Camera Inspection today:

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