Why Having a Home Inspection Done in the Winter is Actually a Great Idea

So, is it still possible to hire a company to perform a winter home inspection, despite the snow and ice? Not only is it feasible, it is actually a great idea to do these during the winter months. And here is why.

No doubt that while winter poses some challenges for a home inspection, there are really very few places that the ice and snow will restrict such an inspection. For example, checking the roof is impossible (no person in their right mind would go walking on top of an icy freezing roof in the winter unless it was necessary), checking the proper drainage and inspecting the AC unit. If these areas are not able to be accessed due to freezing weather conditions, we can always come back later to check those areas for you when the weather is a bit warmer.

All the other interior areas of the home can be inspected properly during the wintertime, and it is actually a great idea to do so then because extreme weather can cause alot of damage and stress to a home like cracked pipes or frozen pipes. So a home inspector will be able to see that during this cold season. In addition, it is much easier to detect insulation issues and drafts during the cold season. During the summer months, it usually isn’t as obvious to detect those problems. Lastly, with snow packed on the roof, it allows a home inspector the ability to check to see how things are holding up under all that extra weight too.

So yes, a home inspection is recommended to be performed during the winter season; it presents opportunities to see things that are difficult to see during the summertime. A winter home inspection can help homeowners avoid more costly unforeseen damages when warmer temps arrive.

Jay Brzezinski